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Is this game SCAD HvZ 2016?

No, we are not SCAD HvZ 2016, nor are we associated with HvZ this year. We are a separate game and project from them. Our game happens two weeks after theirs, explicitly to avoid any kind of overlap or conflict.

How do teams/squads work?

While we'll explain this further in our Rules section, DAEMON revolves around PvP. This means every mission involves squad vs. squad combat. While objectives will permit you to work with other squads if you so choose, the squad you sign up with will be your group you stick with for all three days of DAEMON, so choose your teammates carefully.

Squads are 5-10 players. If there is confusion about who is on which squad, or you have not decided your team until opening night, we will assist you in placing you onto a squad.

For any further queries or a need to swap teams before the game, email us at support@daem.onl. We will not permit squad switching during the game.

I want to change teams/I've decided to be a decker/I got a new phone

Email us at support@daem.onl, and we'll make the necessary changes before the game. We will not permit squad switching during the game.

Will this game happen every year?

We'll see.

Is this game free?

Yes, DAEMON is free. We are accepting donations and KICKSTARTER funding, however, to improve the game's quality.

Can I play if I am not a SCAD Student? What if I'm an Alumni?

No, you cannot play if you are not a SCAD Student or Alumni. Since we are using SCAD campus to stage most of the game, and use safety waivers backed by SCAD, we cannot account for non-students/alumni, and thus we cannot allow you to play.

However, the (non combat) finale takes place at the gallery, which is open for anyone to attend that night. And to alleviate the unfairness of non-students being barred, we are filming the entire game documentary-style, using both cinematic cameras and go-pros, both gameplay and making-of/behind-the-scenes footage. This will be released online, for anyone to watch.

Yes, Alumni can play.

What do I need to play? How can I join?

Head over to the sign-up page, and attend Opening Night on Thursday (April 14th) to receive your player bandana, team info, and team Google Cardboard. Check your email regularly for updates. And, before you come to Opening Night, we advise you get together 4-9 of your friends and form a squad that you want to play through the game with in advance, although you can choose to be sorted onto a team Opening Night.

What do I need to play the Decker class?

We highly encourage you to use a phone/phablet with high performance specs/processing power and a long battery life, on minimum brightness (since you are going to be wearing it inside of a Google Cardboard, brightness does not really matter). Carry a charger if needed. Android will be easier to run the app, though iOS is OK.

What if I am prone to panic attacks or epilepsy? Should I play DAEMON?

If you are prone to panic attacks or seizures, we highly recommend that you do not play DAEMON. The chances of a panic attack or seizure occuring during play is pretty likely, thanks to the intense combat situations, bright flashing lights, fast moving images, and so on that will occur during DAEMON. Also, definitely do not play Decker if you decide to not heed our earlier advice about playing DAEMON.

We are not healthcare professionals, nor are we trained in administering care to people with medical conditions. If you are going to play, PLEASE understand the risks, and take the proper precautions. We will call the RA on duty or 911 if needed, but realize we are not trained in this. DAEMON may just be a game, but it is real life.

What if the app crashes?

Close and restart the app. If that does not work, email us at support@daem.onl or notify a mod and we will respond ASAP to assist you.