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SUBMIT GLITCH/NEW MEDIA ART TO submissions@daem.onl

A large part of what makes DAEMON special is the New Media/Glitch Art Gallery show at the end of the game, which we'll be holding on April 17th, at Sulfur Studios in Savannah, GA. Submissions are open to any interested artists. Any and all art should be sent to submissions@daem.onl

Prompt: "Art that discusses humanity's relationship with technology"

  • 1. We are only interested in any and all artwork that fits the prompt.
  • 2. Email us .gif, .mp4, .png, .jpg, or .bmp files if possible in .zip folders.
  • 3. You should own and have all rights to all the visuals and audio that you submit.
  • 4. Include your name, hometown/province/state/country, and artist statement in your email.
  • 5. Work will be displayed on digital LCD displays or CRT inside the gallery, depending on the amount of art submitted we may rotate through work on a reel. Please specify which you prefer. We can also play audio over speakers or via headphones.
  • 6. The exhibition is going to be free and open to the public. Nobody is making money off of it.
  • 7. We will exhibit work on April 17th at Sulfur Studios, starting around roughly 7pm. It will only be for that night.
  • 8. Jon, our team's resident New Media artist, will be curating submissions. (http://videotreasures.online/)
  • 9. Any and all art should be sent to submissions@daem.onl
  • 10. Examples of mediums that can be submitted, but not limited to: interactive art, installation, performance art, sound design, video, gif, projection, digital prints, and internet art. All mediums are acceptable.
  • A sample of Jon's work:

    Photo of the gallery space, courtesy of Sulfur Studios.