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Quick Overview


  • Players divide into teams of 5-10 players called Squads.
  • Players combat one another and Non-Playable Characters using Nerf, or alternative foam blasters.
  • Squads work together to complete objectives and win missions.
  • Gameplay and missions only occur in Play Areas, during mission times.
  • Missions typically happen each day from 12 Noon - 2PM, 4PM - 6PM, and 8PM - 10PM. 3 per day.
  • Missions are sent out via email and Facebook.
  • Missions have several options for how to finish them, with different rewards.
  • Squads can work with other squads, or fight against them by picking different options. Or betray them. The choice is yours.


  • Completing objectives rewards squads with Charges, DAEMON's currency.
  • Charges also function as the game's lives.
  • Teams split Charges amongst their teammates during missions, to determine how many "lives" they have for that mission.
  • If a player is shot once, they have 5 seconds to move their bandana around their neck. They are still in play.
  • If a player is shot a second time, they are Double Tapped. A player loses a Charge when they are Double Tapped. They are out of the game for one minute, then respawn.
  • When player loses a Charge by being Double Tapped, they must hand a Charge card to a mod.
  • If a player loses all their Charges during a mission, they are out of the game for the rest of the mission.


  • Players can use special equipment called Classes.
  • Each team gets a Decker class, who they need to protect while they solve Augmented Reality puzzles.
  • Players are also limited in which weapons they can use.
  • Everyone starts out with a simple handgun blaster. The handguns may store up to 6 darts inside (i.e. a Maverick or Strongarm). They can not be battery-powered, use a clip, or shoot Mega darts.
  • Squads can buy Weapon Licenses to use better weapons on the Black Market. They can also buy classes, and other perks this way.
  • The Black Market only has so many supplies. Once they sell out, you'll need to buy supplies from other Squads. So don't be too much of a jerk to other players.

In Summary:

  • Earn Charges by completing missions. Upgrade at the Black Market using your Charges or by trading Charges with other Squads. Complete more missions. Win!



All teams have their own pool of Charges which act both as currency and as players’ individual lives during missions. In the actual game, the Charges are represented as paper cards:

Currency - The Charges act as currency outside of missions. Teams get the Charges as rewards for completion of missions and other challenges, and can use them to purchase unlocked classes, trade with or bribe other teams or in-game NPCs even during missions. To make a transaction, the teams will need to exchange the physical Charges to a Mod, NPC, or another team.

Lives - During missions, Charges act as lives for each individual player - a Charge is expended whenever the player is hit twice, or Double Tapped by an enemy team or an NPC. After the Charge is expended, the player is technically out of the game for one whole minute, during which they can not interact with the game, and must put one hand on his/her head to signal other players that they are out. When the player’s last Charge is expended - they are out of the game for the rest of the mission and cannot interact with players, including relaying information.

Note - Nerf MEGA darts ignore the Double Tap rule, expending the Charges right away when the player is hit.

When an individual player loses a Charge, they must show a physical Charge card and give it to a nearby mod.

For every mission, the teams divide up the charges amongst each other as they want, with the minimum per player being 1 Charge, and announce their decision to a Moderator 15 minutes before a mission starts. This cannot change during the course of the mission. If a team expects a player to join in later in the mission, they can leave a certain number of Charges with the mission Moderator, who will pass on the Charges to the player when he/she arrives.

So here's a basic example: Your squad has 20 Charges between you total, and 5 players. So you give each player 4 Charges for the mission, so they each have 4 lives. Or, you could give each player 2 Charges, and save the other 10 Charges for later, after the mission to spend at the Black Market. Any charges left over after the mission you also still have, and can spend or use the next mission.

Double Tapping

The Double Tap mechanic allows the players to have two “hit points” for every Charge, where each HP is expended when the player is hit. After being hit the first time, the player remains in game, but has 5 seconds to move their bandana around their neck from their head to signal that they were hit and have one hit point left. The hit points do not regenerate, unless the player has the Recon class.

The only exceptions to this rule are the Roughcut, Sledgefire, and Barrel Break: If both barrels are fired simultaneously and hit a player, that player loses a Charge immediately, no double-tap required.

Play Areas

Play areas are specified on the game map. There are three kinds of areas: In-Play, Safe Areas, and Out of Play.

In-Play - Regular combat and gameplay take place in these areas. There are no gameplay restrictions.

Safe Areas - Areas where players are safe from being shot. Serve as transitions from In-Play to Out of Play and vice versa. Players in these areas can fire out into an In-Play area to attack other players. Players in an In-Play area cannot fire into a Safe Area.

Out of Play - No combat or gameplay may take place here.

We will be posting a map of these areas soon, but they are nearly identical to HvZ 2016's.


In Daemon, the players use Nerf, or similar dart-firing blasters as well as “socks” as weapons against opposing teams or NPCs. However, their use is limited from the beginning of the game. The weapons are divided into Six Weapon License Tiers based on their effectiveness. From the start, all players get access only to the first tier, and can unlock the rest of the tiers by purchasing licenses from the Black Market, or through using the Marksman class. The spreadsheet below gives an example of where several popular blasters would fall on the list.

Base Tier - Includes the most simple, single-shot handgun blasters. The handguns may store up to 6 darts inside, but not via dart magazines. They can not be battery-powered, have slam-fire, or shoot Mega darts.

License 1 - 6 dart clip weapons. Low capacity, semi-auto clip based weapons, anything 10 rounds or under, or remaining “bad” weapons. Weapons cannot have slam-fire

License 2 - 12 dart clip weapons, slam-firing dart blasters, "good" blasters, low capacity automatic blasters. Also includes socks, which are one-hit kills. Also includes the Barrel Break, Rough Cut, and Sledgfire, which can instantly kill with a double/triple-barrel shot. Also includes the Stockade/Barricade.

License 3 - 18/25 dart clip weapons, and unmodded, electrical clip-fed blasters. Includes the Pyragon and the 40-disc drum for it.

License 4 - Mega dart blasters or other large projectiles like arrows and foam rockets, which bypass the Double Tap rule, expending a Charge point right away when the player is hit. Also removes all clip limits.

License 5 - Any modded blasters approved by the moderators.

Base Tier: 6 Shots or less front-loaders Tier 1: 6 Clips, semi-auto clips Tier 2: 12 Clips, Slamfire Tier 3: 18/25 Clips, Electric blasters Tier 4: Max capacity, MEGA blasters Tier 5: ANY MODS
Jolt Retaliator / Recon Alpha Trooper / Elite Alpha Trooper Vulcan Rhinofire Modified Nerf Rivals Apollo
Triad Longstrike Rampage Rayven Boomco Rapid Madness Modified Nerf Rivals Zeus
Proton Raider Longshot Stryfe Boomco Colossal Blitz Modded Dart Tag Blasters
Hammershot Deploy Barricade/Stockade Rapidstrike MEGA Thunder Bow Modded Stryfe
Strongarm/Maverick Firefly Magstrike Pyragon (40 drum) MEGA Cycloneshock Modded Longshot
Scout Lawbringer Boomco Stealth Ambush Hailfire MEGA Bigshock Modded Rapidstrike
Nightfinder/Firestrike Flipfury Boomco Breakflip Stampede MEGA Magnus Modded Rayven
Zombiestrike Crossbow Slingfire Boomco Mad Slammer Nitron MEGA Rotofury Modded Stampede
Rebelle Hearbreaker Bow Boomco Twisted Spinner Boomco FlipBow Boomco Rapid Madness (20 clip only) MEGA Centurion
Secret Shot Boomco Burstwave Nerf Rival Apollo (No Clip Mods) Nerf Rival Zeus Demolisher/MEGA Rockets
Doublestrike Boomco Dynamag Socks (1HKO)
Buzzbee Shotguns Boomco UNSC SMG (mini clip only) Sledgefire
Buzzbee Pistols Boomco Covenant Rifle (mini clip only) Rough Cut 2x4
Boomco Clipfire Boomco Needler Barrel Break
Boomco Clipfire Any clip-fed Boomco w/ mini 6 clip
Boomco Farshot
Boomco Quicksnap
Boomco Whipblast
Boomco Railstinger
Boomco Slamblast
Boomco UNSC Pistol
Boomco Covenant Pistol
Rebelle Strongheart Bow
Blow Darts

Black Market

Although Classes, Upgrades and Perks can be unlocked by completion of missions, teams may also purchase them using their Charge points, from the Black Market. One might find the Black Market representatives lurking around inside of playable areas, away from any officials, usually a car trunk full of smuggled goods.

Their merchandise includes but is not excluded to:

  • Classes
  • Class Rentals (single use)
  • Class Upgrades
  • Enhanced Dragnet (Intel on when teams buy classes or pick missions)
  • Weapon Licenses
  • Mission Information, or Lore Information
  • Zealot Disguise


Players can obtain special props called “Classes”, which grant them unique abilities over the course of the game. Once obtained, each class can purchase Upgrades from the Black Market to gain additional perks. This will be regulated and conveyed by an updated prop to differentiate between the two versions of the class. The class can not be passed between players during the course of the missions, and if a player carrying a class dies, the class is considered “dead” for the rest of the mission and will be revived afterwards.


Special Class. Every group receives a Decker class at opening Night before the game begins on Day 1. Groups can only have a maximum of one (1) decker class. Distinguished by their Google Cardboard hacking headset. Solves puzzles, hacks, and digs up clues.

Base Abilities

  • Access to TRI.NET Augmented Reality App for use during mission.
  • Cannot use a blaster.
  • 2 Minute respawn.


  • Self Defense: Allows the decker to carry blasters. Distinguished by the Decker carrying a blaster and having an extra headset attachment.


Main Offensive Class. Distinguished by their enhanced exoskeletal arm. Acts as a one man army when necessary.

Base Abilities

  • Granted a Tier 2 Weapon License at start.
  • Can approach moderators and ask for any darts they’ve picked up.
  • Weapon license discount


  • Deadshot: Able to use Mega Blasters.
  • Death Wish: Can activate this ability to gain invincibility for 20 seconds, during which the class can use its weapons. After the 20 seconds, the player is out of the game for the rest of the mission. Distinguished by a bandana around their neck that is moved to cover their face.


Main Defensive Class. Distinguished by their chest armor and shield. Protects and leads teams by taking more damage than other players.

Base Abilities

  • Small arm shield.


  • Router: Exo gains an extra hit point (for a total of 3). Other team members gain an extra health point while holding onto the Exo with one hand (for a total of 3 points). Works only while the hand is on the Exo, has a cooldown of 10 minutes. Cooldown begins for a player when the player's hand is removed. Distinguished by the handle attached to the Exo's back.
  • Firewall: New shield that is large enough to hide entirely behind.


Main Support Class. Distinguished by their Recon Hood. Can scout ahead into dangerous areas, and pick off key players.

Base Abilities

  • Has 3 free “Recon Lives” per day, which let them explore freely without a weapon. Must put up Recon Hood to signify player is ‘Reconing’. Expended when shot or tagged while they are ‘Reconing’.
  • If shot once, can regenerate a single Hit Point (back to 2 HP) after 30 seconds from being shot. If the class is shot again while still having 1 HP, the class player dies and loses a charge point as usual, respawning after a minute.


  • Nosferatu: Class now becomes immune to darts and can only be killed with socks. However, the class can no longer use weapons and has to “2-hand tag” players for a kill. When the Recon makes kills, the Charges are added to their personal set of Charges. Extra charges kept at the end of the mission are added to the team’s pool of Charges.